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Robots, Screen Print.


Additional Info:

The poster was originally exhibited at "Sounds Damn Fine," a music inspired exhibition held at Damn Fine Print, Block T, Smithfield, Dublin (05/12/13).


50 artists were chosen to exhibit at the event and we were delighted to be selected to represent DesignPusher. The design was inspired by the music of Kraftwerk and the display typeface used on the poster was available for free download along with the purchase of the print. The posters have long since sold out from the Damn Fine Print shop, but a very limited amount are still available at the DesignPusher online shop.


Designed by David Pope / DesignPusher™ (Dublin), 2023. All rights reserved. Type: DP_BPM™ (display) & Neubau Grotesk Mono™ (copy).


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